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10 things that new PG roommates should do to get to know each other better

  If you’ve just moved in to a PG and you have a new roommate then you might be making attempts to know more about her, by initiating small talks. But what if we give you a few brilliant ideas on how you can get to know each other better? Wouldn’t that be just amazing? […]

Bend it like Beckham, end it like Dhoni and trend it like Sindhu

With the notable performance given by our athletes at the recent Rio Olympics, this National Sports Day holds a special place in our hearts. For the very first time these athletes brought together the whole country to witness the magic in a sport other than cricket. They have successfully managed to change the outlook of […]

It’s time to check mark the adventure sports in your bucket list

The countdown begins! 10, 9…wait, don’t give us that perplexed look. Okay…fine, let us halt the countdown for a second and provide you with a reasonable explanation. But first, those travellers who love adventure please raise your hands. Yayyy!! We can see a lot many hands rising up. So dear adventurers do you have a […]

Ditch the Bars, Trek Away on Your Next Holiday

India is home to some incredibly breathtaking trekking trails. There is a huge chance that one of these beautiful routes is not too far away from you. A trekking holiday is a great way to bond, meet interesting people and subject yourself to some stunning views. We put together a list of the 5 Best […]

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