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Humans of WudStay

Thousands of us homo-sapiens move out of our humble abode and move to big urban jungles also known as the ‘metros’. The migration is majorly to be a part of the corporate workforce striving in big cities or for further education, but one thing is common for both; search for a place to stay. With […]

Head to these 5 places for a spiritual vacation

Way beyond the present level and understanding of western science is the power of yoga and meditation in the smell of the soil of the land that we are so privileged to be born in. The name of India and meditation is like the tunes coming out of the same musical instrument. With a world […]

They Live Where You Vacation… Respect Their Homes

Did we tell you that we were at a campsite last week? And did we mention that it was in a National Park? Our guess is, no. Apologies fellow travellers but with the increasing number of our travels lately, some stories reach you a little late. But nevertheless, whenever they do reach you we will […]

Get insights on life in a PG