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Experience the wildness in the wind of these six National Parks

  If you understand life deeply then you might also know that you do not have a soul. Yes, it is true. You do not have a soul because you are the soul. You have a body. Your soul just travels from one body to another and transforms from one form to another. Today you […]

Lack of mobile connectivity is biggest fear of Indian travelers

Travel has become an intrinsic part of young Indians’ lives. To most people, travel means “vacation”, a temporary break from reality, often to some place warm and exotic. While traditionally this has been a time to disconnect and recharge, a new survey by WudStay and Opera reveals that lack of mobile connectivity is the biggest fear […]


  A few months back I came back home after spending a long day in the office. It felt good to be home, in my own personal space. Since I had, had a few snacks in the evening so I just made a cup of chamomile tea for myself and climbed to the bed. I […]

4 Indian Vineyard tours for wine lovers

So it is Friday night and you are back to home from the office. You throw your bag on the couch, remove the tie, roll-up your shirt’s sleeves and walk to the mini bar in your dining room area wishing you had a cellar where you could wine and dine. You open a bottle of […]

5 must visit places for the literary travellers

Travelling takes you places and so does literature. Travel is nothing but literature flowing in the form of a silent story which is narrated through your smile in that photograph of yours, underneath the mountain ranges. And literature is nothing but time travelling to different places from one fixed place.   Travelling makes you live […]

Bring your Dead Traveller’s Soul Back to Life

Slow down…Stop…Wait. Now take a minute to ponder on how you are using your gift of life. Thought through? Okay, let’s proceed to the truth. We spend ten hours straight, in our cubicle and the weekends catching up on sleep and this goes on and on. Is life really meant to be lived like this? […]

Common Signs that You Need a Holiday Desperately

Bosses and teachers can be a serious pain in the neck. But, It doesn’t stop just there. There is a whole lot of other reason why we end up deserving or needing a holiday to break out of the every day monotony. A wise man once said, ”There is no better cure for anything than […]

4 Tips To Click Better Photos with Your Smartphone

We all love clicking photographs when travelling to new places. Smiling faces, beautiful scenery and happy memories call for lovely images that we treasure forever. The most annoying part is when you come back and realise that the photos are either blurred or not good enough. Here are 4 quick tips that you must keep […]

Book 4 and 5 Star Hotels with WudStay Elite

The New Year has already started and we can’t wait to tell you about our big breakthrough. Our customers have been relying on the WudStay commitement of quality and style for the Budget and Mid Segment hotels. With the launch of WudStay Elite, consumers now also book 4 and 5 Star Hotels using the WudStay platform. […]

5 Must Non Vegetarian Treats to Try Before You Die

If there is one thing that defines India, it is our ability to appreciate good food.  Hours of travel to get some mouth watering delicacies is a common occurrence in our part of the world. So, whether it is the Biryani from Hyderabad or the Momos of Darjeeling, our hardworking travelers here at WudStay travelled […]

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