5 Must Non Vegetarian Treats to Try Before You Die

If there is one thing that defines India, it is our ability to appreciate good food.  Hours of travel to get some mouth watering delicacies is a common occurrence in our part of the world. So, whether it is the Biryani from Hyderabad or the Momos of Darjeeling, our hardworking travelers here at WudStay travelled […]

The Five Kinds of People You Meet in Goa

Face it, if you haven’t been to Goa ever, your friends will never think you are cool. Being to Goa is like a certificate that proves that a person is fun and exciting. Of the numerous times that I have been to Goa, I have almost always spotted people who easily fit into one or […]

Welcome to WudStay!

As Alisha walked into the hotel that she had booked online, the excitement of being on a holiday after almost 8 months of tirelessly working on her project turned into utter disappointment. The hotel looked nothing like what she had imagined it to be. The rooms were shabby and carried a musty smell that made […]

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