The four traits of a perfect roommate

If life is a novel then each and every day is a chapter of this mysterious book of which you are the main character. Each day in the form of a chapter carries a particular lesson and with each chapter new characters enter and exit the novel. A few characters walk with you for years […]

Raksha bandhan wishes from Room no. 105

I sit on the chair by my hostel room’s window as I pen down this e-letter to you my dear sister. A million apologies will not be enough to justify my absence from the occasion that we have been celebrating together since ages. Had it not been for the mid terms I would have rushed […]

5 life lessons which hostel life teaches you

Life comes with a platter of different choices, options and experiences. And it is these experiences which mould us to what we become. After spending years with your family when you move to a hostel for the very first time it is then that you get to see life from the perspective of an individual. […]

5 things which happen in a Girls Hostel

Before we write any further let us tell you that this post is going to save you boys a lot of time and money. Yes, it will save you all the time which you spend loitering around the girls hostel either trying to catch a glimpse of the girls or trying to find out what […]

5 types of people you meet in a hostel

Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could just look at a person and come to know things about them? Unlock their minds as easily as a key unlocks a door? And wouldn’t it be lovelier to be blessed with the Sherlock Holmes power of deduction? Imagine if you are blessed with such powers then each […]

Pyaar ka punchnama in a hostel

The ones who have ever stayed in a hostel have witnessed all the side effects of love. The ones who haven’t please don’t make the mistake of thinking that it is some kind of Romeo Juliet love affair which is going to be immortalized in the pages of history but it is the kind of […]

5 reasons to stay in a WudStay PG

Has your hostel life come to an end and are you stuck in the 9 to 5 cycle ? Do you come home to an empty room with take away food? Has your life all of a sudden become boring and lost all its charm? Well, no need to frown for we are here to […]

6 things every hosteler would swear by

We sit out here with a cup of tea (sadly, the machine tea) in one hand and smile into the air as we think of our hostel life. Ah! How time flies. It was only yesterday when we sat with our mates underneath the huge banyan tree waiting for the chaiwala’s kadak masala chai to […]

5 types of roommates everyone has

It has been quite some time since we were introduced to the subject of Human behaviour; no it was not a subject in college but something we learned outside the class. We’ve seen our share of good and bad roommates; some became friends for life while some made you realize that you’ve should’ve gone for single. […]

It’s time to Leave Your Ordinary PG for a WudStay PG!

If you have stayed at any of our hotels, you know we do a great job of ensuring high quality and convenience. If you haven’t, all we can say is, give us a chance and you will be convinced. So, this past week, we decided to take our expertise and passion of providing high quality accommodation […]

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