10 secrets which only your PG’s roommate knows about you

The relationship between you and your PG’s roommate is a special bond that nothing can break. They see you on a constant basis and probably more than anyone else in your life. You share your room with them, the most sacred of places where you can relax and be yourself. There’s no room for judgments […]

10 horror movies to watch with your PG’s roommate

When you stay away from home in a PG then your roommate becomes your best friend and also your family. You do everything together, from going for dinner to shopping. Their things become yours and vice versa. You gossip about everything with them while munching on fast food. They are there for you when you […]

10 totally harmless but hilarious pranks to play on your PG’s roommate

  DISCLAIMER: WudStay is not responsible for any broken friendships or fights. (Just kidding, these pranks will only strengthen your friendship with your roommate. After all, friends are supposed to play pranks with one another all the time. )   Life in a PG is always full of laughter, smile and sunshine, as your friends […]

Nelong Valley: Gear up your PG mates for a trip to the Ladakh of Uttarakhand

  September 27, 2016 – Do you know what event is the world celebrating today? We can hear all of you unanimously shouting that today is Google’s 18th birthday. Yes, that it correct and you wouldn’t have known it if it weren’t for the birthday doodle on Google’s website. We can see that the ones […]

10 fifteen minute dishes for people who stay in a PG

The only thing consistent is this unexpected life is hunger pangs. Though hunger pangs have this habit of occurring at any possible time but they are more prominent after midnight. When at home, you do not have the luxury to go to the kitchen after 12 as it will disturb your family members and also, […]

Birthday celebrations in a PG: Boys PG vs. Girls PG

When you are at home then your birthday celebrations begin with the customary practice of going to the temple in the morning and later your mother prepares your favourite meal. In the evening you cut the cake which is then distributed among your family members. Aah! What a blissful family moment. But when life progresses […]

Humans of WudStay

Thousands of us homo-sapiens move out of our humble abode and move to big urban jungles also known as the ‘metros’. The migration is majorly to be a part of the corporate workforce striving in big cities or for further education, but one thing is common for both; search for a place to stay. With […]

The 8 semesters of an engineer’s life in a hostel

To those of you who do not know what occasion we are celebrating today, let us inform you that today is a very special day because it is Engineer’s Day. Now almost all of us can feel the strong emotions associated with this day because let’s be honest more than half of us our engineers. […]

10 life hacks for people who stay in a PG

You know what you should do when life gives you lemons? Got no solution? Don’t worry for we’ve got your back, Jack. So when life throws lemons at you then you should turn them into lemonade by using some awesome life hacks. Though all of us can benefit from these life hacks but they can […]

The four traits of a perfect roommate

If life is a novel then each and every day is a chapter of this mysterious book of which you are the main character. Each day in the form of a chapter carries a particular lesson and with each chapter new characters enter and exit the novel. A few characters walk with you for years […]

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