11 things you can relate to if your PG’s roommate is a Punjabi

11 things you can relate to if your PG’s roommate is a Punjabi

It will not be incorrect if you say that roommates are your family in a strange city. They make your time in the PG worth living and give you memories that last a lifetime. All of us share a special bond with our roomies. This relationship that we have with our roommates becomes all the more special if they are totally awesome and super-cool. Now when we talk of cool and awesome beings, the very first people that come to our mind are Punjabis. We absolutely love their bindass attitude towards life and yes they’re the best roommates that one can have. On that note, we have compiled a list of things that you can relate to if you have a Punjabi munda or Punjabi kudi as your roomie.


Your room is the gossip and the party adda




Your room is always full of life, thanks to your happy go lucky Punjabi roommate. There is never a dull moment in your room and even if there is, your roomie finds a way to bring humour into it. Be it hot gossips or late night parties – your room is the venue. After all, happening parties take place at happening places.


They have taught you a thing or two about the importance of drama



Your roommate has taught you that drama is a very essential part of life. In other words – No drama, no life! In fact staying with them, you too have become a bit of a drama queen – “Jaao mujhe nahi baat karni tumse”

They find humour in every situation of life



Living with a Punjabi roommate means that you’ll always be laughing. Punjabis have this quality of finding humour in each and every situation. They’ll not spare you even while you’re having food, they’ll make you laugh till the point you spill food out of your mouth.

They have introduced you to Punjabi songs and movies



From Hashtaga waaliye to Ek munda Punjabi – they have introduced you to some super cool Punjabi songs and even movies. And the result of this is that – Kate Winslet is no more your favourite actress, Neeru Bajwa is!

They bring you homemade Punjabi food



You eagerly wait for your roommate to come back from home so that you can indulge into the spicy homemade Punjabi food that they never forget to bring for you. Also, Saturday brunches that comprise of Cholle Bhature and lassi ka glass, have lately become your thing.


You’ve gained weight lately



Isn’t it obvious that if you’re devouring food round the clock, you’ll gain pounds? But the best thing is that Punjabi’s find a bright side to this situation too – “We are not fat – Hum khate peete khandaan ke log hai.”

Their positivity towards life never fails to inspire you



Don’t you love the “Jo hoga dekha jayega” attitude of your roommate? It’s true that Punjabi’s are full of positive vibes, and you can learn many things about the art of living from them.

They are always willing to give you a drinking competition



If you drink, your roomie is always there to give you a head-to-head competition. We are pretty sure that you lose each time. Dude, your roomie has a bottomless pit for a stomach, and you can’t beat that.

You love their “I don’t care” attitude



Punjabi’s don’t give a beep about what others think of them, they live their life the way they want to. And you too have been following this mantra of happiness.

They have super cool parents



If your roommate is super-cool, his parents are a step-ahead. Your room becomes a place full of life whenever they arrive, and the thing is that even if you’ve gained 5 kilos since their last visit, they’ll always say – “Khata peeta nahi hai kya, kinna sookh gaya hai.”

(P.S – Just because they say you’re thin doesn’t mean that you are. They love you and love doesn’t see size, but in reality you’re fat-go hit the gym!)

You know that they’ve always got your back



No matter what, you know that your roommate will always be there for you. They’re your best buddies and also guides who have taught you the art of talking to girls. We know that you love them to Pluto and back.

Tag your mast and bindaas Punjabi roommates and let them know how much you love them!


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