10 myths about living in a PG debunked for you

10 myths about living in a PG debunked for you

We are pretty sure that many of you believe in the popular myths that you might have heard about staying in a PG. And believing in them means that you have doubts and apprehensions in your mind when it comes to living in a PG. But today, we are going to clear all your concerns by showing you the real picture. Yes, we are going to debunk all the myths about life in a PG and help you see how awesome and fun it is to stay like a close knit family with your PG residents. So come, let us begin our journey of unwinding the hidden truth.


Myth: You lose all your freedom if you stay in a PG.

Reality: Staying in a PG doesn’t curb your freedom in anyway. You get to live your life in the manner that you want to, even when you are in a PG. You can come late at night after partying with your friends, keep your room the way you want to and live life in your own unique way.


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Myth: The food served in a PG is not at all tasty.

Reality: PG’s are equipped with experienced cooks and staff that put their heart in cooking delicious meals for you. They visit the local sabzi mandi twice a week and bring the freshest fruits and vegetables home. Plus, the cook at the PG also takes cares of everybody’s taste buds by cooking variety of meals and maintaining proper hygiene.


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Myth: Staying at a PG burns a hole in the pocket.

Reality: This myth is far away from reality because PG’s are one of the cheapest and the best stay options that are available for working professionals and students. Apart from the AC or cooler bill you needn’t pay any extra money for using the electricity. Plus, they offer you free WI-FI service and the food is also included in the rent money. Moreover, there are no water charges or any other hidden costs. When you stay in a flat you have to pay for the electricity, the water, the WI-FI, the cost of repair of any electrical appliance on top of your rent, while staying in a PG comes with no such extra costs.


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Myth: There are no modern facilities available in a PG

Reality: The PG’s nowadays are equipped with all modern facilities that you can think of. The rooms have amazing interiors and are installed with flat screen LED TV’s. You also have refrigerators, geysers and washing machines to provide you with all the comfort and convenience. But the best part is that PG’s give you free high speed WI-FI service.


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Myth: No recreational activities are available in a PG.

Reality: Most of the modern PG’s these days lay a lot of emphasis on maintaining a high quality lifestyle. In fact they even have a dedicated room for recreational activities. You will find a tennis table in the hallway or a mini lounge area with fun indoor game boxes like chess, ludo, UNO etc. in most of the stays.


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Myth: PG’s offer no safety and security.

Reality: PG’s are one of the safest places to stay in. Maximum of the PG’s take care of your safety by employing a 24×7 guard outside your building.


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Myth: You get no privacy in a PG.

Reality: PG’s offer a comfortable stay to private people who love to spend time alone as well as to people who like to mix in the crowd. The stays come with single seater, double seater and triple seater rooms so that you can choose the one that suits you best.


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Myth: You cannot have any fun time while living in a PG.

Reality: In a paying guest you have no dearth of good, fun loving friends. And with friends there is no chance of boredom. You can go shopping with them, watch movies together, cook food, crack jokes, play games…the list of fun activities is just endless.


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Myth: You have no access to the kitchen at a PG.

Reality: If you stay in a PG with food, it doesn’t mean that you cannot use the kitchen at all. The kitchen is open all the time for you to do your cooking experiments.


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Myth: There is a lock-in period and high brokerage fee involved in a PG.

Reality: The scenario of PG stays has changed quite a lot in the past few years, especially in the metropolitan cities. PG’s now come with zero brokerage fees and no lock-in period.



And now that we have debunked all the popular myths about staying in a PG for you, it is about time that instead of saying bye to PG you say a big hi to PG.


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