9 tips to organize the perfect pre-Diwali party at your PG

9 tips to organize the perfect pre-Diwali party at your PG

The most awaited festival of the year is not even a week away. And we are pretty sure that you are as excited about it as we are. After all, you get to eat loads of sweets and exchange gifts on this auspicious occasion. So have you packed your bags already as you might be going home to celebrate the festival of lights with your family? And have you brought gifts for your family and friends? Well, that overstuffed bag kept beside your wardrobe answers our questions. But have you thought about having a little pre-Diwali party with your PG friends? We know that you’ll definitely miss their presence during the festival, so how about having a small party with them too? Awesome idea, isn’t it? You keep on hosting parties at your PG but most of them are secluded to your room. We would want this party to be celebrated amongst all the PG members including the caretakers of the place. The idea of hosting a pre-Diwali party, just like the one you have at your office might have come to your mind at some point or the other. But you don’t know how to execute one, right? Well, it is very simple. It is just like the birthday parties you host for your friends. And with the 9 tips that we are going to share with you, it will become all the more simple. So read and follow these tips and brighten up the atmosphere of your PG with festivity.


Decide your budget


The budget of your party will depend on the number of people staying in your PG and also on the average amount that each person is willing to shell out. You will have to calculate the net cost of the food, the booze (Wink), the decorative items and the gifts. After having calculated the net cost you can divide it equally among the PG members and collect the money. We are sure that everybody will be excited for a pre-Diwali party and you’ll be able to purchase all that you need for the party, under the stipulated amount of money.


Zero down on a theme


Since it is your Diwali party hence, you get to celebrate it in your own unique way. You can have a Bollywood theme party in which people get to dress as their favourite actors or actresses. Or you can keep a modern Indian theme party. The theme you keep depends entirely on the interests of you and your friends. Just try to be original and inventive. A great party requires some unique ideas to make it a memorable affair.


Décor is the key


In a festival like Diwali, décor is the key. Stick to the old decoration ideas of making rangoli, lighting diyas and setting up the lights but do try to bring in your own twist to it. You can put shimmering lights on the building or make rangoli at the entrance or even light up your rooms with some decorative items. Read our post on ‘Tips to give your PG room a complete makeover’, to get a few ideas on room decoration.


Food is the king


You have to agree that a party without food is no party at all. You need to decide whether you want to keep a snacks party or a one with proper three course meals. The food will depend on your budget so whatever your budget is, you can decide accordingly. Samosas, gulab jamun, pizzas, jalebi…oh my god! We are already drooling. You can also prepare some quick and easy dishes at your PG. Read our post on ‘10 fifteen minute dishes for people who stay in a PG’, to cook a few delicacies.


Drinks are just as important


If food is the king of the party then drinks are the queen. So decide what you would like to have at your party. You can have cocktails, mocktails, soft-drinks or even neat drinks, if you have the stomach for it.


Spice up the music


Prepare the playlist of dance numbers beforehand. Take the opinion of your friends on what type of music they would like to dance on and include those tracks in the playlist too. Since you want your party to be unique hence, you can keep a few fusion songs also. Fusion songs are a great hit these days and also liven-up the atmosphere of the place. But at the end of the day, it totally depends on your choice. So if you feel that you can show some ‘latkas’ and ‘jhatkas’ on Honey Singh songs, then what’s stopping you? Just go ahead with it.


Don’t forget to include games


Games have always been an important part of Diwali especially card games. But then again, your pre-Diwali party has to be your way. So include the games that you and your friends like to play. These games can be anything from card games to truth and dare.


Buy gifts for the PG’s caretakers


You might have bought Diwali gifts for your family and friends, but did you think of buying something for the people who take care of you at the PG? Well, buy a thoughtful gift or at least a box of sweets for your second family. The lights of Diwali will fade soon but the smile on their face after receiving a gift from you, shall last forever.


Say no to firecrackers


You as the youth of today should realise the harmful effects of firecrackers on the environment. Hence, you should say a complete no to firecrackers. Light diyas instead or buy extra food with the money that you would have otherwise invested in buying crackers. But don’t invest money in polluting the air. Set an example by practicing the good.


Host a pre-Diwali party at your PG and let us know all about it in the comments below.


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