10 life hacks for people who stay in a PG

10 life hacks for people who stay in a PG

You know what you should do when life gives you lemons? Got no solution? Don’t worry for we’ve got your back, Jack. So when life throws lemons at you then you should turn them into lemonade by using some awesome life hacks. Though all of us can benefit from these life hacks but they can be of great help to our friends who stay in a PG. Why so? Well, unlike home where Supermom is always present to take care of your needs when you move into a PG you have to take baby steps towards becoming independent. So while you are on this journey to become self-dependent we bring to you 10 life hacks in order to accelerate your transformation from momma’s boy and daddy’s girl to a maverick.


Beat the iron deficiency


After months of swiping right on Tinder you have finally found yourself a date but in the excitement you forgot that all your cool tees are crumpled and as expected you don’t have an iron. Wait…don’t switch on your panic mode (save it for the date) for we will help you get through the iron deficiency. Take a pan full of piping hot water and move it over the tee just like you would do with an actual iron. Just five minutes of this and taa-daa, your tee will be as good as new.


Cook on the electric triangular pan


Suffering from those late night hunger pangs, buddy? Well, all you need to satiate your hunger is a few eggs, aluminium foil and an electric iron. Yes, you heard that right. Just cover the base of the iron with the foil and start cooking. And while you are on it Mr. Chef, we like our eggs sunny side up.


Seal the goodness


Now air is essential for our life but it is not so good for those half-eaten packets of cookies and chips. So save them from dying by following this life-saver hack. First take a plastic bottle and cut it around its middle then insert the loose ends of the packet into the mouth of the bottle after which seal the package with the cap.


Let bread slices come to the rescue


Did you just shatter a glass bottle into pieces? Can’t get rid of your naughty side, can you? Well, before your roommate steps into the broken glass pieces just take a few bread slices and pick up even the smallest piece with its help. Once done with the cleaning, dispose the evidence craftily before your Sherlock roommate finds out about it.


Bring out the magic duster


It is a usual lazy day at your room and you’re in your bed staring at the ceiling only to realise that the fan has accumulated loads of dust. Now if you are a cleanliness freak like us then just take out an old pillowcase and use it to wipe off all the dust from the fan. The bag in the pillowcase gathers all the dust and prevents it from falling on the ground and thus saves you the extra work.


Sanitize the stains


How many times have your shirts been a victim to the notorious ink stains? We know that the answer to this question is – infinite. So the next time the nasty ink stain clings itself to your shirt just rub it with a few drops of hand sanitizer and then wash it normally. The end results will prove to you that the exorcism of ink stained clothes is possible.


Use a book holder


Now we know that the latest season of Masterchef has inspired you to try your hands at cooking and you’ve been browsing through multiple cook books which of course by now are full of food stains. You won’t mind if we ease the whole process a little bit for you, isn’t it? Well, just take a pants hanger and use it as your cook book holder. Yes, it is that simple.


Detangle the cables


Your room is 10% cables which include multiple USB cables, mobile chargers and laptop chargers. But the issue is you are never able to find one when you are in the need. To resolve this problem just take the brown roll which is left after your toilet paper gets finished and fit in the cables into it. Follow this hack to detangle your life.


Colour the keys


Room’s key, gate’s key, closet’s key, this key and that key…we know that your keychain is overloaded with multiple keys. So to save yourself the frustration of trying five keys on one lock before it finally opens with the sixth key by colouring the keys to help you identify which lock it belongs to. We are sure that this genius life hack will lock all your problems away.


Keep a poly bag full of poly bags


Poly bags are essential items in a PG. You can use them to store so many things so instead of throwing them away use a large poly bag to store in the smaller ones. If you have an empty tissue box then you can also use it to store the poly bags.


Got any other superb hack in mind? If so then do let us know in the comments below.


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