Raksha bandhan wishes from Room no. 105

Raksha bandhan wishes from Room no. 105

I sit on the chair by my hostel room’s window as I pen down this e-letter to you my dear sister. A million apologies will not be enough to justify my absence from the occasion that we have been celebrating together since ages. Had it not been for the mid terms I would have rushed home to see my elder ones face lighten up. As the moonlight falls on the window sill and illuminates its surface, memories from our childhood days come to my mind. Weren’t those days lovely when we spent most of our time watching cartoons, building sand castles, playing video games and the rest of the time fighting over silly things? Reminiscing the past brings happiness and sadness within me at the same time. Happiness because of the endless memories of the happy times which float in my head and sadness because I know that, that carefree phase of life will never come back.


Although you are a thousand kilometres away at home and I sit here on a starry night I could wish for nothing more than your happiness. I remember that last year when I entered hostel life you being the elder one were trying to show that everything will be fine though deep down I know that you were more worried than I was about how would I adjust to the hostel life. But thanks to all that you have taught me about life which I implemented out here and blended in the hostel life perfectly.


One very important lesson which hostel life taught me is the importance of relationships. When I was at home though I valued all the relations I never realised their importance. It is when I started living in the hostel away from my loved ones and when I started craving their presence then I realised that sometimes we take our relationships for granted and forget their worth. It is when those relations cease to exist that we realise their meaning in our lives. Hence, I now always make it a point to cherish what I have and this realization has only made my bond stronger with you. They say that distances breaks relations but this distance and all the lessons which this phase of life has taught me has done nothing but strengthened our sibling love.


At this point I cannot help but think how lucky we are to be just separated by distance when there are people who have lost their first best friend to the cruel hands of destiny. And I only realized this thing when the other day the rakhis which you had sent via post arrived. I was delighted to see that you had sent one rakhi for my roommate as well and so was he. In fact I got to see a whole new side of him then. We got to talking only to reach a point where he stepped out of his cocoon and told me how three years back he had lost his sister to a horrific accident. This roommate of mine who is always cracking jokes and laughing, who knew that he had a story as painful as this hidden underneath his skin. Oh what all we do to hide the pain behind that flashing smile.


Knowing his story makes me cherish our relationship even more and I wanted to share my thoughts with you before your two brothers, the old one and the new one celebrate Raksha bandhan with you virtually over Skype tomorrow morning. This hostel life has given me many things and so it has to you now in the form of a new relation and also two gifts reaching straight to you tomorrow morning from Amazon. Let’s watch your reaction when you un-wrap them in front of us on Skype till then sending out love, happiness and good wishes from room no. 105 of this distant yet amazing hostel.


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