5 things which happen in a Girls Hostel

5 things which happen in a Girls Hostel

Before we write any further let us tell you that this post is going to save you boys a lot of time and money. Yes, it will save you all the time which you spend loitering around the girls hostel either trying to catch a glimpse of the girls or trying to find out what is going on inside. Also, it will save you the money on buying night vision goggles and binoculars. (Relax…relax we are just kidding although some of you creeps do resort to such means.) Well, putting an end to all your curiosity we must tell you that a girl’s hostel is not a model house full of beautiful girls for we stay in the same lethargic, lousy manner in which you guys do in the boy’s hostel. Although we have to admit that the level of lousiness is different because our rooms unlike yours do not at any point in time smell of hydrogen sulphide and also we do not use our room’s floor as a piece of land on which you can throw garbage. Oh don’t give us that look because we know that the floors of your rooms are a piece of art with cigarette buds being the main material of the exquisite art work. So coming back to the girls hostel let us do a favour to you guys today by opening up the secret chambers and letting you know five things which happen in a girls hostel. (Yes, only five for women never reveal all their secrets.)

Major self pampering


Oh, so you thought that our flawless skin is something which we were born into? (Face palm). We owe this flawless skin to those multiple face masks and face packs. It is a very normal thing in a girl’s hostel to walk into a girl with her face painted green or orange making her resemble some character from a sci-fi movie. So the next time you are around a girls hostel at night save yourself the heart attack on seeing a girl in the balcony with her face painted white for she is not the ghost from “The Grudge”. (The ghost in the movie didn’t have such silky brown tresses you see.)


Free of cost counselling

big bang theory

We girls are great at giving advises in fact a few of us have even made a career out of it. (Woah…now that’s talent) So in a girl’s hostel you will always see us ladies showering our opinion on each and every matter. We can offer counselling on all subjects and at any time. We are also great at giving relationship advises to other girls though our own boyfriend might be cheating on us behind our backs but we never restrain ourselves from showing that we understand the complications of relationships so very well.


Intense cat fights

cat fight

Door slamming and girls shouting at each other on the top of their voices is an everyday story in a girl’s hostel. If only the place had popcorns and cold-drinks it would form the perfect setting of a movie theatre. And sometimes these fights can get as ugly as hell. Oh, you don’t even have a clue to what a girl would do to win a war. Scared, are you? (Evil laugh)

The love syndrome

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From Nicholas Sparks to John Green, yes from The Notebook to The fault in our stars, we have seen it all and also read it all. Love is always in the air for us and on a typical day you will find us watching some romantic chic movie on our laptops. The birthday surprise we gave you last year with that dinner date by the lakeside, where do you think all these ideas come from? Yes, got it now? They come straight out of a Nora Roberts novel.


Dart boarding men

men darting1

This one, we absolutely love this one. No, we do not have an actual dart board with your picture stuck to it though it doesn’t sound like a bad idea at all. Anyway, if you are in the radar of our mind then we will stalk you on Facebook, Insta, Twitter and wherever possible. And if we find something which annoys us then we will complain about it to our friends all night long. The best part about these sessions is that you enter them with a doubtful mind but when you leave them you are made to feel that the guy you’ve been thinking about or dating is a complete knucklehead. (Yes, that is indeed the best part.)


Life in a girl’s hostel is full of excitement, fun and without doubt, lots of drama. So ladies join a WudStay PG today either to relive or to experience life in a hostel because let’s face it life would lose all its charm without our sugar, spice and everything nice.


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