6 things every hosteler would swear by

6 things every hosteler would swear by

We sit out here with a cup of tea (sadly, the machine tea) in one hand and smile into the air as we think of our hostel life. Ah! How time flies. It was only yesterday when we sat with our mates underneath the huge banyan tree waiting for the chaiwala’s kadak masala chai to boil and give us our daily energy boost. How open spaces have been replaced by cubicles and how mornings which use to begin in the afternoon now start at 7 am sharp. How sleepless nights of playing Counter strike, binge watching Sherlock, knocking from door to door asking “kuch khaane ko hai kya?” , have been replaced with normal sleeping hours and green tea for food. When did life become so normal and stopped being awesome and wild? Normality is so boring dear readers, yes it definitely is, though we seriously need to do something about our quarter life crisis. (Wink) Moving ahead, to all those of you who are suffering from quarter life crisis like us, to those who are still basking in the glory of the fun-filled hostel life and to those who are yet to experience this awesomeness, come, let us together remember, cherish and anticipate the brilliance of life in a…hostel.

1. The Chappan (56) bhogs

If you’ve stayed in a hostel then you’ve tasted food from all over India, thanks to the diverse community of people that you get to meet and know during your tenure as a hosteller. From the Gujarati Khakra’s, the Rajasthani Mathri-achar combo to the Rosogulla’s, you’ve tasted it all. Though these delicacies don’t even last a single day but life does offer you a Chappan bhog when you come back to the hostel after spending holidays at home, doesn’t it?



2. The friendly Chatur’s (From 3 idiots)

When in a hostel you don’t have to worry about attending lectures or going through the troublesome task of taking notes. Why so? Well, the Chatur’s (friendlier version of the kind you saw in the movie three idiots) do that for you. You just have to get a photocopy of the notes a day before the exams. Thanks for the notes Chaturs. If it weren’t for you we would have got five backs instead of two.


3. The impromptu trips

The trips! Definitely the best part of hostel life. And you don’t even have to plan any. You’re lying in your room when your friend says “Chal kahi chalte hain” and the next thing you know is that you are on a bike heading to the nearest place of solace while stopping at your favourite Dhaba midway.

Five friends in convertible car, waving arms in air, rear view

Five friends in convertible car, waving arms in air, rear view


4. The “No occasion” parties

When in a hostel you don’t need to have an occasion to party. For you party with your friends when one of you has a break-up or when your exams end and even when there is nothing else to do. It won’t be wrong to say that hostel life in itself is a party.



5. The embarrassing nicknames

Well…well…well…that lovely name of yours which your parents gave you after so much thought is instantly shortened or modified once you enter hostel life. However, no matter how embarrassing that nick name is deep down you love it when your friends address you by it. The name still beats in your heart, doesn’t it? (Talking to our elderly quarterly life crisis sufferers)



6. The unbreakable bonds

Hostel life gives you many friends. While some get lost along the way quite a few become your lifelines. Cheers to the bond which would not have been possible without hostel life.

road trip

So why stay alone when you can stay in a hostel and have a blast? Trust us you do not want to miss out on this wonderful phase of life which won’t come back again. So get up, book a Wudstay hostel now and start creating memories which will last a lifetime.



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