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June 2016


  After postponing my trip to Rishikesh for almost a month I finally packed my bags last Friday, way before dawn, (Yes, of course it was dark. Yes, while you were still partying) got into my car and headed straight to the land of serenity and bliss. Thanks to the weather of Delhi that time […]

5 types of roommates everyone has

It has been quite some time since we were introduced to the subject of Human behaviour; no it was not a subject in college but something we learned outside the class. We’ve seen our share of good and bad roommates; some became friends for life while some made you realize that you’ve should’ve gone for single. […]

It’s time to check mark the adventure sports in your bucket list

The countdown begins! 10, 9…wait, don’t give us that perplexed look. Okay…fine, let us halt the countdown for a second and provide you with a reasonable explanation. But first, those travellers who love adventure please raise your hands. Yayyy!! We can see a lot many hands rising up. So dear adventurers do you have a […]

They Live Where You Vacation… Respect Their Homes

Did we tell you that we were at a campsite last week? And did we mention that it was in a National Park? Our guess is, no. Apologies fellow travellers but with the increasing number of our travels lately, some stories reach you a little late. But nevertheless, whenever they do reach you we will […]

The Best Highway Restaurants in North India

Get into the car and you are on the road trip you have been planning for ages. A couple of hours of conversations filled with laughter and some 60 odd songs later, you are all hungry and waiting for the next good ‘Dhaba’ to come your way. Either you could keep waiting for the one […]

Bring your Dead Traveller’s Soul Back to Life

Slow down…Stop…Wait. Now take a minute to ponder on how you are using your gift of life. Thought through? Okay, let’s proceed to the truth. We spend ten hours straight, in our cubicle and the weekends catching up on sleep and this goes on and on. Is life really meant to be lived like this? […]

Common Signs that You Need a Holiday Desperately

Bosses and teachers can be a serious pain in the neck. But, It doesn’t stop just there. There is a whole lot of other reason why we end up deserving or needing a holiday to break out of the every day monotony. A wise man once said, ”There is no better cure for anything than […]

Best Indian Destinations For Your Summer Holiday

India is a land of diverse geography spread from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. With so many destinations on offer and “Atithi Devo Bhava” being the ideology, It makes India a very popular tourist destination among domestic and international travellers. Struggling with the soaring temperatures in the summer, Indians run to the hills for their share of […]

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