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February 2016

This Bollywood Couple Chose to Honeymoon in India and You Should Too

The Great Indian Wedding almost always ends with a honeymoon in some exotic destination outside India. Newly wed couples travel to Hawaii, Maldives, Paris and other such destinations completely ignoring the pristine beauty of India. Genelia Desouza and Ritesh Deshmukh decided to change that. The lovely young couple got married in 2012 and decided to […]

7 Benefits of Travelling with an Engineer Boy Friend

Dating an engineer can be lots of fun. Travelling with them might be an experience of a lifetime. Here are 7 reasons that would force you to travel with your engineering boy friend: 1. They are Super Resourceful With an engineer around you don’t have to worry about anything right from a broken car to no […]

14 Most Iconic Travel Songs of All Time

Great music really sets the tone for a fantastic holiday. Whether it’s the start of a road trip or a train journey, the right beats can put you in the perfect mood. With so many songs to chose from, it’s always a struggle picking the perfect songs. And then there is always the time, when […]

4 Tips To Click Better Photos with Your Smartphone

We all love clicking photographs when travelling to new places. Smiling faces, beautiful scenery and happy memories call for lovely images that we treasure forever. The most annoying part is when you come back and realise that the photos are either blurred or not good enough. Here are 4 quick tips that you must keep […]

5 Places to Visit When in Delhi

The National Capital of India, New Delhi is popular for it’s rich history and mouth watering delicacies. The hustle and bustle of the city defines the ‘Dilliwala,’ who is famous for his/her obsession with fashion, food and having a good time. Here are 5 Must Visit Places that you must visit the next time you […]

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